Maracujà designs

Maracujà designs is a small fashion business that create bespoke millinery head pieces. My task was to come up with the brand identity and new logo design.

The key words of the brand described from the client were: Elegant, bespoke and sophisticated. I used a cursive typeface in the logo because I wanted to represent movement in some way. The process of creating fashion pieces involves a lot of fluidity and I thought it would represent nicely the bespoke part of the brand. I contrasted the bottom half of the logo with a serif font to display the timeless and elegant pieces that the client creates.

The feedback from the client was amazing. They were very pleased at how chic the design came out and it was also well received by customers. The design itself which was displayed at Portobello market in London was successful as it lead potential new customers to the business.


Brand Identity


Maracujà designs


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