Red Acre

Expertise applied: UX/UI, Graphic Design, Social Media Design, Prototyping.

Red Acre is a company offering business support and growth. They have bespoke solutions to help with this.

The Problem


The main problem that Red Acre was having was the consistency with the brand identity across their website and social media platforms. Also, the previous website didn’t have a good user experience. The content wasn’t relevant to the type of business they wanted to bring in. Another issue was that they wanted to drive in new business to the company and to also recruit more employees and the old website didn’t allow this efficiently.



In terms of user research, some existing clients were asked about their thoughts on the current brand. A lot of pain points stemmed from them not knowing all the services that were provided from the website. They didn’t think a lot of information could be found. Competitors were also researched to see the benchmark of what we wanted to achieve visually. The core values were another main theme that needed to be represented in the new design not only through the content but visually.



The end result incorporated all of the elements found in the research phase. The fun aspect was one of the core values that was represented. In order to do this, I incorporated the colourful geometric vectors. This helped create consistency with the brand, as the vectors mimic the triangle in the logo. 
Also, the content was improved with clear call to actions on each page. The services that are provided are clearly displayed on the homepage with separate pages dedicated with more information.

The colour red is integral to the brand, so I made sure the colour was still used throughout the site without being too overpowering. I also did a short course during this project to learn the foundations of icon design. I wanted to create bespoke icons that tied in with the brand which could be use across various platforms. I created custom social media templates using the geometric elements and icons to reinforce the brand identity and consistency.



The feedback from others in the team and the client was extremely positive. Previous users of the old site also mentioned how the redesign was more user friendly, easier to navigate and visually pleasing. The company has since recruited many new businesses and employees.