Expertise applied: UX/UI, Prototyping.

Satariano is a popular furniture showroom based in Malta, with a rich history of over 125 years. It provides a curated selection of renowned international brands.

The Problem


The main issues that Satariano were having with their previous site was the challenging organisation of the many brands and products. They wanted to make it easier for their users to book a consultation and find out the relevant information associated with them. Furthermore, they wanted to display their long history and brand recognition. They also had issues with the speed of the previous site and they thought the UI was outdated.



User research was carried out by speaking with customers that had experienced using the site. Similarly to the client, they thought that there wasn’t a lot of information on the different brands and the company itself. They also struggled to navigate through the site and they found quite a few 404 pages. The speed of the site was also a factor and the imagery wasn’t of a high resolution.

This was paired with competitor research and there was a lot of showrooms that used not only quality imagery but the information was readily available. Particularly PDFs of the different brands were provided as well.



The solution combined all the research findings. The brands were categorised in a clear way, with a dedicated page with the relevant filters and logos. With each page there is a clear call to action and relevant forms to help the users create their ideal home.

A unique selling point that was added was the wish-list feature, which allows users to favourite different products. Also, PDF catalogues were added to the brand pages which gives even more in depth information for the users. Another unique feature that was added was the ‘view our products’ which provided more detailed information on top of the images.

Visually, the UI was updated to be more minimal and clean. The serif font was used for titles to represent the rich history of the brand. This paired with the sans serif font created a nice balance that represented the modern brands and products they work with. Custom icons were created representing each room which added an extra touch. The imagery quality was improved and more were added to emphasise and sell the products.



The results from the redesign was very successful. Not only was the client extremely happy, but it increased traffic to the website and there was an increase of consultations for the company. The new features implemented were used frequently and in essence made the process easier for the team at Satariano, as they had more information to work with when customers came in.