Expertise applied: UX/UI, Prototyping.

Socios is an all-in-one app for sports and crypto fans. Users engage with their favourite teams, earn points and benefits through Fan Rewards.

The Problem


The main issues with the older version of the Socios app was the slow performance. Bugs were frequent and there was numerous challenges with the UI, particularly in regards to accessibility. Some user flows were challenging and confusing. The main goal of the new version was to update the framework to React native, which would address the slow performance. The UI also had to be refreshed entirely to be more accessible to users. Additionally, new features were to be implemented to increase engagement and rewards for users on the app.

Design System


In terms of UX/UI, the main starting point was to create a new design system which was compliant with the WCAG accessibility guidelines. Research was carried out by analysing other companies design systems such as Adobe and Google. Rules and guidelines were created to supplement the new components so all of the designers had a source of truth to refer to during the projects.


For example the button components were updated to included hover and disabled states. Design Tokens were implemented which made it easier to communicate with the developers when the designs were completed. These annotations were also added to the design system.

Feature Teams


I was the lead designer for two feature teams Gamification and KYC. My goal was to improve features and work on various flows in relation to these teams. I also worked on designs for the Back office to improve the work for the QAs and those in Customer service.


During the update of the app, I worked on implementing the new design system components and visuals for the Italian, Turkish and Malaysian regulations. I also improved the flows of the KYC and Settings panel to make it easier for users.

The UK regulations were new and once I created the flow and prototype, it went through user testing. This is where current users of the app go through the flow to give their feedback and to address any concerns.

For the Gamification team, I worked on updating the new components and visuals for the leaderboards and achievements screens. Additionally, I worked on new features that would make the leaderboards more engaging and fun for users. For example, local leaderboards were implemented. I also worked on improving and reducing the amount of toasts and snackbars so it wasn’t as distracting for users. The search bar and how it works flow was also improved for users.



The response from users was extremely encouraging. Many users in particular mentioned how much smoother the app runs and how visually it has improved significantly.